The Big Picture

Often times our perspective on things is very limited. We see things from our perspective and from our viewpoint. It reminds me of a tree. We may see the beauty of the tree, the branches and the beautiful shade it provides. What we don’t see is how that tree works and grows and the root infrastructure, which supports it. In the same way there are many dimensions about God that we simply cannot see or understand.  In the movie JOSEPH – KING OF DREAMS, Joseph finds himself in jail. At this point in the movie they sing a song: ‘YOU KNOW BETTER THAN I’. One of the lines of the song says the following: ‘IF THIS HAS BEEN A TEST, I CANNOT SEE THE REASON’. I is a beautiful picture of how we do not always see the big picture. God is at work in each of our lives. If we will allow him to continue working, He will bring about His plan and purpose for our lives. You see, God sees the bigger picture and this is something that we cannot see and this is why we have to trust God.
When we see life from our perspective we handle things different from one person to the next. We are all the product of our upbringing and our past experiences and this has a tremendous influence on us.
Perhaps you were brought up to believe that you a failure. When this happens we often begin to see ourselves as a failure and this has a corresponding affect on our lives. I had one friend who was brought up to believe that you NEVER go backward in life. As a result he always had to get a bigger and a better car or house. His life was continually motivated by this concept of progress. It just about destroyed, bankrupted and left him penniless.
We have all been conditioned in some way or another to see things through the eyes of our past and the things we have been exposed to. If we only see life from this point of view and can be very limiting.  It happens because we see just an element of life and that element is colored by the glasses we look through. God sees things differently.
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