Seeing Life from God's Perspective

When we begin to see life from God’s perspective we see life differently. Many of the great men and women of God have had an understanding of God’s perspective and that has changed their lives.
Moses is a prime example. He had run away from Egypt and was living in the wilderness. Here he had found a home and had a family. He had settled down to this existence and accepted that this was his life. He then had the burning bush experience and God speaks to him and his perspective changed. As a result he went on to lead the nation of Israel out of captivity in Egypt.
Once Moses caught a glimpse of God’s perspective on things, he was ready to move beyond his comfort zones or his conditioning to become a great liberator. When we see things from God’s perspective things change.
Our perspective is often limited and small. Our perspective can often be warped or flawed. This is primarily because we see things through our past, our upbringing and the things that have conditioned us.
God’s perspective is always big, balanced and filled with purpose. When Jesus was about to leave earth and return to heaven, his disciples started to get worried. Their perspective was that they were nothing if Jesus was not with them in person. God’s perspective was that Jesus had made the deposit in these men’s lives and that seed was enough to change the world. While these disciples were full of fear and even wanted to return to being fisherman, Jesus tells them to go into all the world and preach the gospel.
This just illustrates the tremendous difference in perspective. We must learn not to allow our limited perspectives to limit God. God wants to give us a glimpse from His perspective so that we will see things differently and never be the same again.
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