Living with the right attitude

The Sermon on the Mount was addressed by Jesus TO HIS DISCIPLES!

Matthew 5:1 Therefore, all followers of Christ are to adopt this sermon as there mandate for living!

The first section of this sermon lists the BEATITUDES!  Matthew 5:1-12
This word does not occur in the English Bible but comes from the Latin translation called the Vulgate in which the word “Beatitudo” is used, meaning BLESSEDNESS!
I have always believed that the Beatitudes are a list of the ATTITUDES THAT MUST BE present in our lives! From these attitudes will flow a life of blessing. These attitudes are not only attitudes that we should show towards others but they also cover attitudes we should have in different situations and towards God.
Most of us battle at one time or another with our attitudes!
It is therefore very important that we imbibe the attitudes of Jesus as set out in the Sermon of the Mount!
I should like to refer to them as THE BE-BLESSED ATTITUDES!
Dr Robert Schuller refers to them as THE BE-HAPPY ATTITUDES!
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